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Why HIIT training is not always the answer...


No doubt about the fact that HIIT provides amazing results and is an amazing way to push your body to it's limits in a very short amount of time. In our fast paced society, this sound like the perfect answer. While fit people with a good body awareness can really benefit from HIIT sessions here and there - for most people out there beginning with their fitness journey, HIIT is not the answer !

Why is that ? ❌ performing movement at a high speed might affect your form a lot and therefore make them moves less effective. That means, you're not activating / using the muscles you want to target. ❌ the high speed and jumps increases the risk of injuries, especially if you're body is not use to regular movement ❌ most of us lead stressful lifes. Putting even more stress in our bodies in our free time can affect our wellbeing as well as our progress. It will leave you feeling burned out and sluggish. While a little fatigue and soreness is normal, you should rather feel tired but relaxed thatn worned out and stressed after a workout. ❌your muscles can adapt quiet quickly, but it's not the same for other tissues like your joints. They need more time and expose them to jumps and plyometrics to quickly can damage them and leave you with an injury.

So, what can we do instead to get the results we want AND giving the body time to adapt?

✅ even if it takes you a little longer: take those weights, do a slower and more conscious movement and learn how to perform it correctly. ✅ separate cardio & strenght training and truly focus on each of them. Include steady state cardio in your program if needed (depending on your goal) ✅ use complex movement involving your full body and do bodyweight exercices ✅ take care of yourself and use practices like yoga to reconnect with your body, rise your body awareness and drop some stress along the way ✅ make sure you make the right choices in the other 23 h you're NOT at the gym (or on your mat wherever you choose to train). This is crucial and it means: eat healthy foods, move a lot (we are literally designed for walking), hydrate and make sure you have time to relax too. ✅ no pain no gain ? Not so sure 😉 how about doing things FOR and not against you ?

I hope this could help and inspire you to start into fitness in a way that makes you want to stick to it. And even if you've been training for years: going back to basics or the points mentioned below is never wrong. I truly believe they should be the foundation of any kind of training.

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