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What we can do besides of "prayers" to really help the amazon rain forest

Updated: Oct 28, 2019

These past days, the topic of the burning rain forest in the brazilian amazon region was all over the internet for a reason. First ignored by the media, the news finally started to spread all over social media very quickly. As there are much better pages than mine to actually inform yourself about the political and overall situation in Brazil (and I really encourage you to do so!) I wanted to focus on something else …

As very often when something dramatic catches the attention of the world (unfortunately, not everything get the right amount of attention), people would share very emotional or even judgy posts or all these famous pictures inviting you to “pray for the amazon” (or insert whatever in there) all over their social media feeds. Those are harshly criticized for leading nowhere and not being really down to earth (that’s why I will share stuff you can actually really DO about it at the end of this post).

Well, it’s easier to calm your conscience by posting these pics in your insta story and go on with your day right ? You can see it that way, but it can also give you hope. Obviously, people out there DO care. They care enough to share. To talk about it. Nomatter in which way. People show compassion and we need all the love in the world to face problems like this. So maybe sending loving vibes or prayers won’t solve the problem but let’s see it as the first step to actually do something about it. Because let's get one thing straight WE SHOULD.

Which is difficult, lets be honest. Facing news like this, can leave us feeling powerless or we will blame politics or everyone in the world (but us). We feel like the actions we do will never change the world. We share the pictures or the article but it leaves a slight discomfort. It leaves us feeling helpless or powerless and it has this little taste of guilt coming with it.

On the other side … we created this situation. All of us. If we are powerful enough to destroy things we are probably powerful enough to stop destruction too. In her book “ a return to love” (which is very triggering and with which I will probably have a love-hate relationship with forever), Marianne Williamson mentioned how our deepest fear might not be to be inadequate – but to be powerful without measure. Because, that would mean WE COULD ACTUALLY DO SOMETHING ABOUT - WELL – ALMOST EVERYTHING. And again, that is what we should do.

so here are some down to earth thing we all can can do to help the rain forest long term and I also listed some organization you can donate money to to help:

1. Reduce your meat consumption (or go vegan, step by step) The farmers in Brazil are burning down the forests to plant crops for soy that will be fed to the animals breeded for meat consumption or in some cases to create space for the animals themselves. 99% of the soy feeded to the animals we are eating is growing in the amazon. Not only is meat consumption linked to unnecessary suffering of sentient beings, it is also destroying the planet (and our own health) at the same time. Be kind, to the animals, to our planet and to ourself and try to limit or ditch animal products all over.

2. Don’t buy products containing palm oil

Same with palm oil: the trees for it are grown in these areas and a lot of products, be it food or cosmetics contain palm oil. It's usually cheap and easy to process. A quick check on the labels will reveal it. Switch to alternatives whenever possible.

More generally, be aware that every time we spend money on something, we kinda vote for the world we want to create.

3. Donate !

There are organisations that planting back the trees and taking care of the forests in a professional and skillful way, some of them for years already. Donating to them makes a difference. Let's be honest, we all spent our money in way more stupid ways in our lives already and will probably continue to do so, so why not supporting something good from time to time ? (Mojitos are fun too, no worries, but living in a first world country and reading this, I take the wild guess that you might be able to afford both).


Is an alternative to google that is planting trees -40’000 hectars of land of trees until today according to them. (use it when you do your research about the situation in brazil or about all those organisations for example)


This organization planted over half a million trees since 2010.


Have the goal to plant millions of trees in cooperation with the local community (we tend to forget that the rain forest is also the home for thousands of people and tribes in the amazon)


They are currently collecting funds for the amazon – as well as a lot of other projects protecting our earth and our animals.

I am not a zerowaste or an ecololgical blog. I just think, it’s our responsibility to do something because we can. So sending energy and good vibes and making people aware of what is happening is great – but stepping into our own power and actually DO whatever we can do is what changes the world in the end. Use your emotions and turn them into actions !

Also, staying open – minded and take a step back, seeing the situation from different point of views and educating ourselves about things is never, ever something wrong.

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