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What is home ?

Updated: Oct 28, 2019

What is home even ? I feel like I was asking myself this question not only while travelling but pretty much all my life.

How do we answer this question ? Is it really just the place your mail box is currently located at ? What's written on your passport ? Can we find it everywhere ?

being called a gipsy and having my Friends starting to bet on how long I would stay in one place this time (thank you for packing and unpacking boxes for some pizza and beer with me way more often than should be socially acceptable here guys!) I started to think I might never find this magic place called home … until I realized I could find it everywhere!

"Home is not a place but a feeling" is more than just a nice quote to post under an that picture you took out of the airplan window last summer. And these are the things that will Always make me feel like home (and that you cannot pack into boxes).

… the first time you wake up next to someone and you don’t want to leave right away

… the smell in my family’s cabin by the lake

… sitting on the floor, eating pizza and drinking wine out of coffee cups with friends

… cuddling big dogs

… mountains, no matter where

… doing yoga, the same easy flow

… sitting in the same room for hours with no need to talk

… sitting next to a fire

… drinking Nescafé

… leaning on the fence of a horse barn and watching them be

… the smell of one specific brand of cigarettes

… cooking pasta somewhere

… whenever I have to talk in French

… wearing my hiking boots – they went all around the world with me

… hearing an old song again out of nowhere

… driving in a car with friends. Always and nomatter where we go or what we do.

… knowing more than one way to get to the same place in a city

… not having to say a word

… being able to say anything

… hearing a voice mail in another time zone

… not wearing make up or bras or whatever

What is it for you ?

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