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thoughts about "luck"

Updated: Jan 15, 2021

what you see: paradise, what you do not see: sharing a boat with 10 drunk australian teenagers and waking up with a gecko on my face

"You are so lucky". A phrase I heard countless times when it comes to travelling (or even other things).

First of all, yes I am.

But this is not everything.

People tend to imagine travelling as an endless vacation and our instagram accounts will confirm this version for sure.

What you don't see on there are all the things that had to happen to bring us to where we are now. Actions like quitting your "safe" job or in order to have the time and freedom to live the lifestyle you wished for. Leaving your apartment and selling the most material possessions inside it, putting 10.5 kg of belongings into a backpack and just run with it. But it goes deeper than dealing with material things. It implies giving up what society tells you to do every day and explain yourself all the time while deep down you have no real idea of what the fuck you are actually doing too , except of the fact that it feels 100% right and that your heart is kind of screaming for it. It is also working your ass off, even having more than one job at the time sometimes and to choose to not go shopping or buy new things for a year (or more). Saying yes to what serves your goals and dreams and saying no to everything that won't.

Living like this is a privilege and I am not complaining here, since I am beyond grateful to be able to take these decisions for myself. But there is way more than "luck" involved though. Things like courage and determination.

Also, I don't write this down to tell you my choices are better than yours. I'm writing it down to show you that we have the privilege to CHOOSE what we want to do with our lives, our time and our money. To actively choose and make a plan. So no, it wasn't luck that got me there. It was all the decisions I took. Also the hard ones. Also the ones that made me cry or stay up at night.

And if I can choose it, so can 90% of you, reading this article on your electronic devices.

Cabanas at red frog beach, panama

We like to post dreamy beaches on instagram or incredible views hiking a volcano, but on a more honest nore travelling is not always as romantic and relaxing as you might think it is...

It's sharing dorms with random strangers (and sometimes, random insects too), a lot of airports and bus stops. It is eating crackers for days because you didn't plan enough and can't buy food along the way. It's being sick away from any civilization and you can consider yourself lucky if you don't have any signal to google „south america, illnesses“. Itis not able to be there for important events, challenges or changes in your families or friends lives as you are an ocean and several time zones away, which can leave you feel guilty at times.

But it is also connecting with wonderful people and sharing your heart with them (and well, if people are not that wonderful, you can always book a bus, a plane or just another hostel and leave their bad energy behind.) It's having a near death experience on a boat but arriving to the most beautiful island you've ever seen. It's strolling through new streets and work at little cafés and imagine your life here. Or there. Realizing all the possibilities you've been given and feeling deeply grateful. It's countless adventures and experiencing the beauty of this world. It's not wearing bras or make up ever and not caring at all. It's dancing on rooftops and jumping into cascadas. and sometimes its having a really bad hangover from drinking some weird cactus liquor next to a bonfire.

It's about being brave enough to go. And scared some days (or nights). To feel more alive than ever. And I don't believe we can experience this staying in one place doing that same one thing over and over again. Our comfort zones are where dreams go to die.

There are different seasons in life, but if you feel like the one you're in now is about to end and something inside you is calling for more…do know that you probably have a choice.

Not always an easy choice.

But you do have it.

And from all feelings we got to experience…feeling alive will forever be my favourite one.

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