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easy morning routines

Updated: Jul 25, 2019

let's talk about morning routines and what great impact they can have on your life!

the first hour you spend awake has the power to shape the way you will act and react to things during the day. You will also set a standard about your overall feeling before any other influences (like instagram posts, stressful calls or missing your bus) get the chance to take this away from you.

Also, having routines in general is very beneficial for our mental health as human beings, as they give us safety and reduce stress (especially if you're travelling or have irregular working hours).

Though it's a personal thing and over time you will find what works best for YOU, here are some ideas of things to include into your morning routine in order to give you a great start!

Prepare for the next day

It starts the night before. Have all the things you will need or take with you the next morning ready the night before. Set your alarm in order to have 30-60min for yourself after waking up, but make sure you get enough sleep (here too…some need 9 hours while others are fine with way less). Once you got this, create your own routine, maybe using some of the suggestions below :

Meditation or Affirmation

Visualize the things you want to happen in your life and how you will feel once you get them. Visualize your way to get there. Those can be small things to like the way you will feel after finally trying this new yoga class of bigger ones like applying for your dream job (and getting it).

Remember the feeling and then, slowly let go, trusting that you have all you need to create the life you dream of. Or, on other days, that things will turn out to be ok nomatter what. this sounds basic, but over time, it can change the mood you set for the day and therefore, all the days that follow.


I write literally everything that's on my mind (I have this blog for a reason) like random stories, thoughts, memories, letters to certain persons (or to myself)...but you can simply start with writing down 3 things you're grateful for every morning.

I'll go deeper into different ways of journaling or how to use writing for personal growth (or purely for self care) in my next posts.


I know, it's everywhere but still...

Start with water, Always, and then find your favourite drink to start your day. It can be hot water with some lemon, your favourite herbal tea, raw cacao...or a fresh smoothie too ! (if you practice intermittent fasting, stick to lemon water, black coffee or sugarfree herbal tea to not impact your insuline levels). Preparing it the same way every morning will create a nice and relaxing routine beside of giving your body what it needs.

Your body and brain works way better when they are hydrated well – as simple as it seems.


Nothing better than movement to wake up all your muscles after the night (works better than coffee). If you are not really a morning person, some stretches or a short yoga practice will do. Even better if you can open the window and let some daylight in while doing so.

If you feel like you have the time and energy, your regular workouts or runs can become part of your morning routine and will let you feel energized and accomplished before your day even started !

Another nice thing to try is walking or biking to work. It will clear your mind and wake you up at the same time, as you bring more oxigene into your body and ideally catch some daylight too. Plus you get the chance to mentally prepare for your day and your tasks,

Have breakast – or just skip it

I will not tell you to "have breakfast every morning". Listen to your body. Some people don't like to eat in the morning and if you are those people you will be perfectly fine too.

If you get hungry later, maybe meal prep would be something for you, so you can grab your box as you leave the house and enjoy your food later during a break.


Though the fact of following a morning routine can already be considered as selfcare, we can never have enough of that, right ?

Take your time to pamper yourself a little bit. It can be using that new foaming shower cream you love, applying a facemask, oil pulling … or any treatment you enjoy.

I hope I could inspire you to "start your day right" and maybe look a little more forward to your alarm ringing the next day. In the begining, new things tend to feel a Little strange, but as an absolute night owl, I can still tell you having a morning routine has been a real game changer for me and improved my energy levels and creativity over time.

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