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6 answers to 6 assumptions about veganism

Updated: Jul 28, 2019

While this kind of posts tends to show up a lot on our Feeds these days, there are still some things people hit me up with all the time when it come to plant based life. I wanted to write down my answers (and badass scientists answers) to those questions or assumptions.

1. "Eating soy is bad for the rain forest as most of it get destroyed for soy plantation"

It's not quiet as easy. Yes, its true that the rain forest gets destroyed for soy production (amongst others) BUT 99% of this soy is used to feed farm animals – the ones that are raised to provide milk and meat. This soy is usually very low quality and genetically modified.

The soy humans consume is normally grown in europe or other western countries. In fact, less than 1% of the soy planted in the rain forest is consumed by humans.

Checking the packages at your local grocery stores you will quickly realize, none of this soy is coming from the amazon. There are strict Regulation for labelling when it Comes to gmo's or a food being organic too.

So no, eating soy will not destroy the Rainforest (and has a lot of Benefits for your health!), but eating animals that have been fed with soy does not really solve the problem for the environemt and especially the rain Forests (see what happened here ?)

2. "You are all Vit B12 deficient, this lifestyle can't be natural if you have to take supplements all the time"

I would be Vit B12 deficient without the supplements – but you are probably too already ;-) Only few people know that Vit B12 does not come from animal products directly. In fact, it's produced by micro-organism living in our soils. Animals consume them with their food. I don't know about you, but I prefer taking a little pill every morning than literally licking humus.

The problem with that is, that our soils are becoming more and more denaturalized through fertilizers and industry so the micro-organism producing this Vitamin can hardly survive. That's why even people consuming animal products (or willing to lick the soil ...) are not protected from B12 defiency and should check their Levels too. Supplementation is important as it's an essential nutrient for us humans.

So I agree, it isnt' very natural to eat a pill to cover those needs. But having cars, cell phones, contraception or even anti-biotics is not very « natural » either and usually, no one wants to ditch any of those things.

Concerning all the other nutrients including calcium and iron – you can easily find them in plants too (I will write more about it soon) and they don't have to be supplemented in a balanced diet if you are healthy all over.

3. "It is super complicated to go out with friends – do you guys even have a social life?"

If you want to eat a 5 star organic raw food menu cooked by 3 vegan chefs during full moon – it might get a little complicated, yes (but you will know who loves you for sure).

But assuming you just want to have a good time with your friends – it's actually not complicated. A lot of dishes are vegan and you do not even realize it because they have been around for so long (like spaghetti, french fries, most asian dishes, falafel and many more). Speaking for me, I was always able to find something without having to tell everyone I am vegan either. Just picked the one and enjoyed my night. My Friends are still here so far too!

And…if you feel like there is literally nothing – you can always politely ask for some rice and veggies. I never experienced this to be a problem.

4. "It s natural for us to eat meat"

As I mentioned above, taking a quick look around the world we're living in, the argumentation of something being «natural » is maybe not the strongest one (that double BigMac and Coca Cola - they don't seem very natural either, do they ?).

But even if you wanna walk down the "natural" road, looking at the physionomy of a human and certain newer studies, it seem not to be all natural for us humans to consume animal products in the way and Quality we do today (all ethical beliefs left apart)…red meat has been classified as a cancerogen and other chronic diseases have been strongly linked (China Study,T.Colin Campbell, Thomas M. Campbell) to the consumption of animal products ( - and evidence based and not sponsored website if you are interested in more facts).

So even if you skip the whole ethical problem that revolves around enslaving and killing sentient beings « just because they taste good » and destroying our planet while doing so – it wouldn't be a very healthy or even « natural » choice (cause we do have a choice nowadays) for us.

For me, and I am aware this is personal, growing up with animals and loving them, the ethical aspect plays a role too, I just dont want other beings to suffer that way just because it's cultural or „has Always been this way“.

5. And there we go …" it always have been this way"

First of all, no, industry farming is quiet new in human history. And if everyone would keep this "it has always been this way" - mindset, there would literally be no progress ever in this world.

Lots of things used to be different and gladly, the changed or are still changing (like human rights, womens rights, not dying at the age of 30 because you have accurate treatments for illnesses, not burning witches on your local square on Saturday afternoon anymore …)

6. "It is super complicated to prepare food then and I have no time / talent for that"

Everyone that knows me well must be laughing by now as I am not really known for spending a lot of time in my kitchen. So I can clearly deny this. The internet is full of super easy and budget friendly receipes that do not requier you to use special berries grown in narnia or something similar.

And if you DO enjoy cooking, even better – you will discover a lot of new tastes, combinations and foods along the way and be able to get very creative too (please invite me over, yes ?)

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